Copyright Clearance

Purdue Enterprise Print Services (PEPS) can obtain copyright clearances for the University to make sure that the materials we print for you are in compliance with the United States Copyright Law ( and the Purdue University Copyright Policy (

If you choose to obtain the rights yourself, make sure it is in writing (via signed letter or fax) and a copy is submitted with your order. It is required before we can proceed with your order. NEVER accept a verbal permission.

What comes under copyright scrutiny

  • Course packs
  • Items and information from a previous publication or web page
  • Articles
  • Photos, drawings, illustrations
  • Cartoons

What counts as permission

  • Signed letter stating we have permission to use the material (preferably on the owner’s letterhead)
  • Publisher or copyright house completed form for copyright permission

Request for Copyright Clearance

The staff at PEPS will be available to answer your questions, help you get permissions, and /or sit down with you to go over your materials. We have contracts with two of the top copyright clearing houses, Harvard Business School and the Copyright Clearance Center, to obtain the majority of the permissions required for course packets. We receive a discount on permissions and pass the savings on to the students giving them the lowest possible rate for course packets. It is wise to get your permissions requested as quickly as possible.

Information required getting permission for the reproduction of material:

  • Publication title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • ISBN/ISSN (if available)
  • Department
  • Article title
  • Course title
  • Course start date
  • Instructor
  • Number of copies needed
  • Page numbers to be copied
  • Account number to charge

Permission costs

Royalties range from one cent to several dollars per page. You will be notified if the clearance is unusually high or if it has been denied. Some authors have given blanket permission for educational purposes. The PEPS staff will notify you of this so you can keep this with your records. Always keep the original copy of any permission that you have received from an author, publisher, etc. Send ONLY a copy with your order.

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